Splish Splash Doggy Daycare & Spa

Unlike Any Other


Unlike Any Other Daycare

What Makes Us Different?

Extreme Vetting

Every time/day we vet all of our pets. Making sure they are safe to play with others. We evaluate temperament, search for fleas, ticks, ear-mites and  make sure shots are up to date and much more. This is so all of are members are SAFE. Vicious dogs will be turned away.

24/7 Staff

Our staff is here 24/7 so if your dog needs us we will be there.

Dog Grouping

Dogs are grouped with other dogs like them. Playful dogs wont match up with laid back dogs and so on. We want to make sure all dogs are safe and feel right at home.

Open Floor Plan

We have nothing to hide. We want everything to be seen at all times.


Our Family Members stay the night in our personal bedrooms. Much more spacious and cozy than kennels

Complete Indoor Play Area

Our play area is extremely spacious and our surface is made out of rubber. This is good for your dog’s joints and paws.

Indoor Track

For inclement dog walking and extra exercise during the winter.

1 Handler for Every 12-15 dogs

The fewer dogs a handler has to watch the safer our family members will be.

In-home Training/Onsite Training





Our Doggy Daycare Programs are designed to allow your family member(s) to play, learn, socialize, and romp around together with their friends. Each family member you leave in our care recieves personal attention in an exceptionally designed atmosphere for a safe and wonderful stay.


Our boarding suites will be your pet(s) home away from home. Our staff will be here 24 hours a day, so even in the middle of the night, if your dog needs something, we’ll be there. Dogs are exercised throughout the day And evening. Our boarding member’s will also join the daycare guests and play during the day. We believe this contributes to the well-being and socialization of your pet.


Our training program uses positive reinforcement training techniques. We want to focus on building a relationship between you and your dog and having mutual respect. There will be no harsh corrections or forceful old school techniques used.

Spa & Grooming

Pricing varies based on size of pet, condition, length of coat, choice of haircut (if any) and temperament of pet.



About Us

At Splish Splash Doggy Daycare and Spa, your dog will be treated as a member of our family in a 21st century state -of-the-art environment where our focus is keeping your dog safe, healthy, and happy. We provide a well-balanced program for each family member to ensure safety and avoid over-stimulation. Throughout the day, our family members will have plenty of playtime in an environment monitored by our trained, experienced and caring staff 24/7


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